It’s a Deal! Or is it? You get what you pay for…

You’ve just brought your dream car. Now all it needs is a window tint and protective coating. You start shopping around, looking for the best deal. After all, you’ve already spend a small fortune on the car; you can save on the additions. But is saving that extra $20 or so really worth it?

We all like to save a buck. But getting the best deal involves more than just the cost. When it comes to having window tint or protective coating on your car, it’s important to understand the true value of your purchase.

You know the old saying, when a deal is too good to be true, it generally is. If a company is offering to do your windows for cheaper than anyone else, something has to give. They’re a business and they’re in it to make a profit. There are two ways they can do so – use an inferior product, or provide a sub-par installation. When deciding who to choose, make sure you’re asking the right questions.


FormulaOne Films Vs Low Cost/Low Quality

The quality of window film or protective coating varies widely, between manufacturers and between the products those manufacturers offer. A low quality film will only last a year or so before it will start to bubble, peel and/or turn purple. The adhesive is poorly produced and will break down easily in the sunlight. Quickly the great look you were going for will start to show its cheapness.

Many cheaply made tints offer no UV protection, or what there is degrades quickly leaving your interiors and your family vulnerable to the dangerous rays you thought you were protecting them from. As the UV rays penetrate the vehicle they cause the material to breakdown and upholstery to fade. This will lower the resell value of the vehicle.

Manufacturers of good quality film back themselves with lifetime warranties on the film itself. This however is limited, which brings us to the installation process.


Factory Trained Installers

If a manufacturer’s product is used and fails, it reflects badly on them. They want to make sure their window tint is being installed correctly so installers have to be professional trained in order to sell their product.

Take the time to talk to the installers, watch them work. See their finished products and most importantly, talk to previous customers of the company and check online for reviews. It’s like buying a deal online to get your hair cut. You know going in you’re going to get the most junior hairstylist available. If you’ve been growing those lush locks for a long time, you’re not going to let just anyone touch them. It’s the same with your vehicle. You’ve paid a lot for it. Don’t let just anyone work on it.

One way installers can make up for the loss they’re taking on the deal they’re offering, and to make any profit at all, is to get as many jobs as possible completed each day. It becomes a factory line of installation, in, out and done without the care and attention needed to make sure each installation is perfect. These rush jobs with little time mean that no matter how good the actual window film is, a bad installation will be its undoing.

“The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.” – Sir Henry Royce, founder of Rolls-Royce

We constantly have customers contacting us who have taken the offer of a cheap deal and want it removed and replaced. Paying twice for something loses the whole appeal of the original deal. Make sure when you get your windows tinted or paint protected, you ask the right questions. Contact ProTint at 615-776-8468 or online today, we’ll have the answers for you.