Tennessee Tint Laws

Vehicle Type Windshield Front Sides Rear Sides Rear Windshield
Sedan No Tint Below AS1 Permitted 35% net VLT 35% net VLT 35% net VLT
Truck, SUV, & Van No Tint Below AS1 Permitted 35% net VLT 35% net VLT 35% net VLT

AS1 Limit is typically the top five inches of the windshield.
A Medical Waiver can exempt your vehicle from the 35% VLT restrictions. The Waiver must be authorized by the state and a licensed medical professional.

What if I drive my Vehicle Into a State with Different Laws?

If your vehicle is registered in Tennessee then only Tennessee tint laws apply to it. Even though laws vary from state to state, as long as your vehicle meets Tennessee’s specifications then you have nothing to worry about.

What is VLT, and How Do I Know What Mine is?

VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission. So your VLT percentage is the amount of visible light that is allowed to pass through your window. The lower the number, the darker the window. The advantages of a lower VLT % include protection from UV rays, cooler and more consistent temperatures, and eye protection. Most Medical Waivers apply to individuals who need additional eye or skin protection. Most vehicles come with some sort of window tint from the factory (70% VLT is standard). This is why you will need an aftermarket film higher than 35% in order to achieve a net VLT of 35%.
Most reputable shops will test your vehicle’s VLT % prior to applying a window film. You can buy a VLT sensor, though they can be fairly expensive. If you are unsure of what your vehicle’s tint VLT is, get it tested (the professionals at ProTint would be happy to help) before you go through the state inspection.

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