Charlie Rudolph and his wife were looking to add some additional privacy for the front door of their home. We used a textured film, which disrupts the view into their home but not light. Not only does it look great but it was a cost effective alternative to replacing their glass or the entire door.

“We have a very open house, no blinds or anything.” Charlie explained, “We like to keep it that way. But we are pretty close to the road and our neighbors and wanted to make sure my wife and I had a little more privacy. We were very impressed with how professional the installers were, they even finished ahead of schedule. When the job was done they cleaned up everything thoroughly and we were super satisfied with the end result. Our home still feels open and bright without worrying about anyone looking in to our living area.”


The before and after.

unnamed (1)

The view from outside.

Privacy films come in a wide range of styles and clarity options. Whether you want to disrupt the visibility of the window totally, or just slightly, we can find a film that is perfect for your home. It’s not just for exterior glass either. Privacy and frosted films can be applied to almost any flat surface. They are popularly used on shower doors, and even inside the work space of many businesses. Privacy film gives you all the benefits of natural light, while also providing the privacy you need.