Heat Rejection Window Film

Reduce heat and increase comfort with heat rejection window film for homes in Tennessee.

Sunlight passes through your widows in three forms: visible light, solar heat, and radiant heat. Solar and radiant light affect the internal temperatures of your home by creating hot and cold spots. Heat rejection window film blocks solar heat, radiant heat, and regulates heat from visible light, reducing the amount of AC necessary for cooling your home.

Untreated windows allow sunlight to flow freely through your windows, generating heat and discomfort throughout the day. Improve comfort and maintain a consistent temperature in your home with heat rejection window film for your Tennessee residence.

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Save Money on Energy Cost with Solar Window Film

Windows are the most susceptible area of your home for heating and cooling energy loss. Tinting your windows with solar window film is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce energy loss. Heat rejection window film prevents energy loss by blocking heat gain and radiant heat from entering uncontrolled through your glass, allowing only visible light to pass through.

Maintaining a consistent temperature for you to enjoy, residential solar film reflects internal cool air back into your room. A consistent internal temperature throughout your home means a reduction in fluctuating temperature adjustments and energy costs. Residential solar film can reduce your annual energy costs by up to 30%, improving your home’s energy efficiency.

LLumar Heat Control Window Films Improves Comfort

You want to be comfortable in your home, and constantly adjusting your thermostat to combat hot and cold spots is disruptive, frustrating, and costly. Our LLumar heat control window films maintain a consistent internal temperature throughout your house. Applied to your windows, heat rejection window film blocks excessive heat gain from passing through glass, eliminating unwanted external heat from affecting your home temperature.

LLumar heat control window film also reflects internal cool air back into your room, preventing it from escaping through your windows. The result is a consistent and comfortable internal temperature for your home.

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