We all know that UV rays are harmful to our skin and eyes, but for many of us UV protection protection stops at a little sunscreen applied here and there. A study done by JAMA Ophthalmology brings to light the severity of UV ray effects on the body and what you can do to reduce its effects.


The study shows that UV radiation is associated with 90% of skin cancers and is linked to cataract formation. During the study, they surveyed 898 patients with skin cancer. The survey showed that left-sided skin cancer was more common in those who spent more time driving, since drivers are seated on the left in the US.

“A reduction of UV exposure has beneficial effects, with one study reporting a 93% reduction in cell death in the skin when UV exposure was filtered through UV-absorbing auto glass.” – JAMA Ophthalmology

In the study, Boxer Wachler measured UV radiation behind the windshield and driver’s side window 29 in automobiles from 15 automobile manufacturers. While the UV blockage of windshields was high – an average of 96% – the average side-window blockage was surprisingly low at only 71%. This is where UV ray protection window film comes in.


Window film, a recommended product by the Skin Cancer Foundation, blocks nearly 100% of UV rays from penetrating your windows, without blocking your view. Films range from virtually clear to very dark.

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