LLumar FormulaOne Pinnacle

The ultimate car window film, FormulaOne Pinnacle offers superior performance and comfort.

The Pinnacle Series is the ultimate FormulaOne window film, delivering premium UV, heat, and glare reduction. The non-metallized, nonconductive nano-ceramic technology provides maximum heat and UV rejection. The construction of this window film is what sets it apart, as it won’t interfere with your GPS, keyless entry, radar detector, mobile phone, and other radio frequency technology.

This FormulaOne car window film offers up to 65% in total solar heat rejection, ensuring a more comfortable ride. Pinnacle window film also adds a layer of ultraviolet protection, blocking up to 99% of UV rays, protecting you, your passengers, and your vehicle’s interior from the damaging effects of the sun. Increase comfort, style, and protection with LLumar’s FormulaOne Pinnacle window film.

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The FormulaOne “No Color Change” Warranty

LLumar FormulaOne films are designed with the latest in window film technology to ensure a long lasting shade that won’t turn purple or bubble over time. Backed by a “No Color Change” warranty, the FormulaOne Pinnacle window film series provides the longest lasting color in its class.

The LLumar tint color preservation warranty is unmatched by any other film. With professional installation, guaranteed color stability, and a strong scratch resistant coating, the Pinnacle tint offers ultimate style and protection.

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