LLumar Air Blue Clear Window Film in Murfreesboro Tennessee

LLumar Air Blue Clear Window Film

Clear window film with all the benefits of traditionally dark car window tinting.

Window film doesn’t have to be dark in order to protect you and your passengers from heat, glare, and UV rays. LLumar Air Blue is the most effective clear window film for protecting you and your vehicle from the the damaging effects of the sun. Its optical clarity and low-reflectivity makes it so that Air Blue tint won’t interfere with your view, but will protect you from the unwanted effects of it.

Air Blue tint adds a layer of UV ray protection to your vehicle, protecting your interior from cracking and fading from sun damage. In addition to sun damage to your car’s interior, UV rays can cause harm to you and your passengers. ProTint’s clear window film offers the same level of UV ray protection as the darker films without the dark hue.

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How Can Clear Window Film Reject Heat & UV Rays?

Constructed from a non-metalized, non-conductive ceramic technology, LLumar Air Blue clear window film is the number one clear window film for heat reduction and UV protection.

Blocking up to 99% of UV rays, LLumar Air Blue tint provides you with ultimate UV protection. UV rays can cause many damaging effects for you and your vehicle. Continual exposure to ultraviolet rays can lead to sun damage on the interior of your car. This includes cracked leather seats and fading of interior carpets and fabrics, in addition to causing harmful sun damage to you and your passengers. Prolonged exposure to UV rays correlates to skin and eye damage, premature aging, and an increased risk of skin cancer. Installing clear window film from Pro Tint ensures UV ray protection for you, your passengers, and your vehicle.

Solar rays also cause increased temperatures that can make for an unbearable ride on a hot summer’s day. Decreasing heat gain by up to 43%, Air Blue tint lessens the burden on your air conditioning unit, and increases your car’s fuel economy by burning less fuel. The reduction in heat gain keeps you and your car cooler throughout the day.

Ultimate Visibility and Durability

Not only are you getting the best in heat and UV ray protection, but LLumar Air Blue tint is known for its exceptional visibility and durability. Our clear window film comes with a scratch- and corrosion-resistant coating that will give your window film a better lifespan than most.

Windshield Tinting with LLumar Air Blue

The nature of its clear hue allows us to use LLumar Air Blue for windshield tinting, where traditional window films would be dark and illegal. Using Air Blue on your windshield gives you direct protection from UV rays and glare that would otherwise interfere with your view. The added protection of windshield tinting will protect you and your passengers from even the strongest solar rays.

Llumar air blue for your windshield does not interfere with the electronic signals coming from your car. Cell phones, radios, radar detectors, and GPS units continue to function properly with clear tint. ProTint’s Air Blue tint makes for a more comfortable, efficient, and safe ride in your vehicle. Appealing to those who don’t want a darker shade on their windshield, but need the high-quality benefits of a tint, Llumar air blue clear tint is the ideal window film for you.

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