Commercial Window Film Project in Manchester, TN


When designing a workplace architects use windows to help create a more open atmosphere. They supply natural light and help to prevent employees from feeling too cooped up. However there are some drawbacks, especially when your building has little natural protection from the relentless Tennessee sun and heat. Unprotected windows do very little to prevent sun glare and heat generation. At most, they provide just enough UV protection to prevent skin damage.

This was an issue for our clients in Manchester. One example of a trouble area was the lunch room. The many windows meant to provide sunlight and an open and relaxing environment were actually causing uncomfortable hot spots and glare. Not only is this taxing on the buildings HVAC systems, but it lowers employee moral as well.


Luckily ProTint is here to help. With our state-of-the-art window films we are able to keep the unwanted heat and sun glare out without sacrificing the view or natural light. These benefits go beyond just making lunch breaks more social and relaxing. It also helps to improve productivity. An overheated work space can make concentration difficult and slow your work pace to a crawl. We have helped to alleviate these discomforts for our friends in Manchester. If you are feeling the symptoms of unprotected windows at work, maybe it’s time for your company to upgrade with window film.