Commercial Heat Rejection Film

Reduce heat gain and energy costs while increasing comfort with heat rejection film.

Heat rejection film cuts the heat and glare from your office or commercial building, allowing for a more comfortable environment. ProTint Window Tinting’s Llumar heat reducing window films reject heat from entering through your windows, acting as a layer of protection for your building. Heat rejection film doubles as a shield against glare, eliminating visibility irritation that can interrupt your workflow.

ProTint Window Tinting can help you to reduce hot and cold spots in your office, and improve the overall comfort of your tenants. By controlling the temperature in your building, heat reducing window film ensures year round energy efficiency for your property. Contact a ProTint representative to find out which window film is right for your building.

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How Heat Reduction Window Film Works

Untreated windows are a conduit not only for visible light, but for unwanted solar and radiant heat as well. Our Llumar heat control films blocks heat gain in your commercial building by preventing unwanted solar heat from entering through your windows. Heat reducing window film redirects exterior solar heat away from the windows, acting as a barrier to unwanted solar heat gain.

Applied on your existing windows, heat reduction window film works to protect the comfort of your employees, and reduce energy costs year round. Heat control film caters to a more productive and enjoyable working environment.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Film Installation?

  • Increased comfort: The comfort of employees and tenants is extremely important for any commercial property. Solar film installation gives your tenants and employees the comfort they require to be productive and complacent. Look after their well-being and satisfaction with solar film installation.
  • Reduced energy bills: Windows typically account for 15 to 30 percent of a building’s total cooling costs. Heat rejection film blocks undesirable solar heat from entering your office, and prohibits internal air from escaping through windows. Solar film installation is the solution that can save your commercial building up to 33% on energy costs.
  • Retain tenants/reduce complaints: Managing a commercial building includes comfortable heating and cooling provisions for your tenants. Without heat rejection film, hot and cold spots can develop throughout the building. These spots result from poorly redistributed interior air control and unmanaged solar heat gain through windows. Heat reducing window film redirects the air back into the room, maintaining consistent temperatures throughout the building. Providing this level of protection and comfort to your tenants will reduce the amount of complaints, and increase retention. Put your tenant’s needs first, and save on energy costs with heat rejection film from ProTint Window Tinting.
  • Eliminate need to replace windows: Heat reducing window film is a cost-effect alternative to window replacement. Installing window film is about one third of the cost of replacement windows. Rather than replacing entire windows for your commercial building, installing heat reducing window film is a cost effective alternative for combating solar heat gain. With heat rejection film, 92% of radiant heat will stay outside.
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