Commercial Glare Reduction Window Film

Reduce glare and heat gain in your commercial building with glare reduction film and reflective window film.

Reflective window film filters visible light coming through your windows, letting natural light in while keeping unwanted glare out. Glare reduction films come in a variety of shades to choose from and are designed to reflect glare from the sun without cutting it out entirely, giving you the option of choosing a shade that best suits your commercial property.

Not only do these films cut out glare, but reflective window film also blocks excessive heat gain and glare from entering your office or commercial building by reflecting it away from your windows. By providing you with optimum levels of clarity and comfort day and night, reflective window film is the solution you are looking for!

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Glare Reduction Film for Your Tennessee Office Building

A recent study reports that 80% of office workers have trouble concentrating because of high temperatures and glare. Glare interferes with visibility on monitors and displays, and can otherwise disrupt productivity. Glare reduction film allows in the natural light without the frustration that comes with glare. Rather than purchasing blinds and drapes that darken your space, install glare reduction film to your pre-existing windows and enjoy the natural sunlight in your office without the annoyance of glare.

Increase Tenant Comfort with Anti-Glare Film

Increase tenant comfort with anti-glare film from ProTint Window Tinting. Glare reduction film removes the disruption caused by glare, and reduces heat gain by reflecting unwanted solar heat away from the windows. Blocking heat gain and glare from entering through windows creates a controlled internal temperature environment suited for tenant comfort. Applying reflective window film directly to your pre-existing windows can save you money on heating and cooling costs, eliminating the negative impact of glare, and significantly increasing the comfort of tenants in your commercial building.

How Commercial Reflective Window Film Can Reduce Heat Gain

Not only does anti-glare film reduce the distraction of glare, but it reduces heat gain in your building. Reflective window films block solar heat gain from entering through your windows, resulting in a consistently comfortable internal temperature. This film eliminates the need to close blinds and curtains during the day in order to protect you from the blinding sunlight and the heat that comes along with it.

Reflective window film also redirects cool air flow back into the room, creating a consistent air flow and temperature in your building. This level of continuity reflects in your energy costs, and could save you up to 33% yearly. Replacing windows is costly, and new windows can still allow solar heat gain and glare to come through, affecting internal temperatures of your office or commercial building. Installing reflective window film is the most cost-effective alternative for combating solar heat gain and glare for your office or commercial building.

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