Commercial Anti Graffiti Film Nashville and Franklin Tennessee

Commercial Anti-Graffiti Film

Protect your building from vandalism with anti-graffiti film, even when you’re not there.

Perfect for your office, retail, or commercial buildings, anti-graffiti film from ProTint Window Tinting is practical security against vandalism. Window protection film applies directly to your pre-existing windows or flat-glass surfaces. Once on, the protective film is virtually invisible, offering complete protection without visible proof. ProTint Window Tinting’s anti-graffiti film is ideal for glass surfaces, mirrors, stainless steel, in malls, or on buses.

As a cost-effective form of coverage, this film eliminates the need to replace the glass or attempt to clean the tagging off of the surface. If vandalism occurs, the film is removed, taking the graffiti coating along with it. The result is a clean surface. With easy install and removal after vandalism, anti-graffiti film is the ultimate graffiti protection.

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How Does Anti-Graffiti Coating Work?

Safeguarding against graffiti and tagging, anti-graffiti coating protects your glass surfaces from permanent damage. Anti-graffiti coating is a film layer applied directly onto your windows that once installed it is virtually invisible to the eye. Instead of replacing entire windows or going through the hassle of trying to clean off the graffiti, anti-graffiti film is the most cost-effective and timely approach to preventing permanent damage from graffiti. Only the film is removed, leaving you with a clean and un-damaged surface. Once removed, another layer of anti-graffiti film is ready to take its place.

Replacing just one window can easily exceed ten or twenty times the installation cost of window protection film. Surfaces that receive daily contact, such as bathroom mirrors, countertops, and glass surfaces, are the perfect recipients for graffiti film. Anti-graffiti coating is a proactive approach to shielding the glass surfaces on your commercial property.

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