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Ceramic Pro Marine Coatings

The best way to protect your boat from the harsh marine environment

Ceramic paint protection is applied as a nano-ceramic liquid solution that dries to be ten times more durable than standard clear coating. Unlike vinyl wraps, ceramic coatings are less likely to have salt water penetrate beneath it. Ceramic Pro will protect your boat’s surfaces from fading, scratches, corrosion, and other damages caused by exposure to the sun and water.

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Ceramic Pro Americas - Ceramic Paint Protection in Tennessee


UV rays are harmful to more than just our skin. Window film protects your boat’s interior surfaces from sun damage, but your exterior surfaces are also at risk from UV rays. Exposure to water, especially salt water, will also fade the colors of your boat.

Corrosion Resistant

Ceramic Pro marine coatings will also protect your boat from corrosion. Your boat is under constant threat of rust or other forms of chemical erosion. The nano-ceramic coating prevents corrosive chemicals from damaging your boat’s surfaces.

Easy to Maintain

Both interior and exterior surfaces will be kept looking like new for the lifetime of your boat. The marine coatings make cleaning easy, you can practically just wipe any potential stains away. A simple wash of the exterior will reveal that your boat still has a beautiful glossy look as if it has just undergone a brand new refinishing.

Speed & Fuel Economy

Ceramic Pro marine coatings will help to keep your boat’s exterior optimized for cutting through the water. Not only will this make your ride feel quicker and smoother, but it will cut down on fuel costs as well!