Car Paint Protection Film Car Bra in Murfreesboro Tennessee

Car Paint Protection Film

Preserve your vehicle’s finish without altering its appearance with paint protection film.

Paint protection film (PPF) is a clear, invisible shield for your car. Preserving your vehicle’s finish, car paint protection film increases the longevity of your car’s sleek appearance and color stability. Car paint protection films are flexible, thick, and strong, making them a valuable addition to your most prized possessions.

Safeguard your car from scratching, fading, and discoloration. Defending your car from small road debris, abrasions, scratches, and insects, paint protection film keeps your car’s overall appearance from suffering damage. Installing the ‘clear car bra film’ to your vehicle ensures that your car’s style will not deteriorate. PPF preserves your vehicle’s clean finish year round.

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Will Paint Protection Film Alter the Appearance of my Vehicle?

PPF is designed to protect your vehicle without altering the appearance. Unlike traditional car bras, the leather-looking black cover car owners would often use on their sports cars, paint protection film is thin and clear. Often referred to as the ‘clear car bra’, paint protection film goes on virtually invisibly, leaving no trace or visible appearance on your car. It’s sleek, translucent design keeps your car looking fresh and new. Without altering the outward appearance, car paint protection film ensures that your vehicle is protected from fading and discoloration.

These films are flexible, strong, thick, and most importantly, clear. Invisible to the eye, the car bra film does not have the same easily recognizable appearance as window tinting does. However, the year-round coverage you receive and the clear, undamaged coating on your car speaks to the impact paint protection film has.

What If I Want to Remove the Film?

If for any reason your paint protection film needs to be removed or discarded, application of the film is not permanent. If needed, a trained ProTint installer can remove your film, leaving the exterior of your vehicle in the same condition it was in when the film was originally installed.

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