Walls of windows are a common theme with modern restaurants these days, providing bright welcoming sunlight and views for customers. But with all of those windows comes some drawbacks, like higher energy costs, customer comfort, sun glare, UV radiation and safety issues.

We’ve put together a list of 8 reasons for why window tinting is the perfect solution for you.


Energy efficiency

30% of the energy used to cool or heat a building is lost through the windows. Keeping a restaurant constantly cool in the summer and warm and inviting in the winter can become an expensive task. Reduce your costs with a window tint that suits your needs and creates a more comfortable environment for your customers.

Shatterproof qualities

The safety and security of your customers is your top priority. By using a window film made of heavy-duty polyester, like ProTint’s Llumar Safety Film, it will hold the shattered glass intact and less likely to spray across dining customers if smashed. Another benefit is that it adds an additional barrier against intruders, making it harder for them to break through.


UVA radiation

UVA radiation is the leading cause of cancer for our population. Customers and employees may think they’re safe from its effects while in your restaurant but in reality, 50% of UVA rays still pass through a window. Use an effective window tint that will block 99.9% of these cancer causing rays.

Reduce fading and protect furnishings

The interior of your restaurant goes through enough wear and tear without the additional the effects of the sun. Window tinting will protect your assets inside your restaurant, reducing the fading and break down of materials caused by UV rays. Without the damage caused by UV rays, they will last longer before you have to replace them.


Control sun glare

If your restaurant or bar has televisions, or you have customers that regularly set up home with a laptop or tablet, it can be highly annoying when you can’t see the screen for sun glare. Or have you ever sat across the table from a friend and spent the whole time with your hand shielding your face from the sun pouring in? Have your windows covered with a reflective window film so your customers can use their hands to do what they do best – eating and drinking more.

Create an ambiance of privacy

Walls of windows can sometimes make customers feel like they’re dining in a glass bowl, putting on a show for everyone outside. Give your customers a semblance of privacy with frosted window film. You can also use it on glass panels inside your restaurant to break up space and create individual areas without adding walls.


Personalized graphics on window film for corporate identity

Just because your walls are windows, it doesn’t mean you have to let go of showing the world who you are. With decorative window film you can advertise your brand identity straight onto the glass itself. You can use it to add personality and style to your restaurant with a mix of frosted and decorative patterns, textures and gradients to choose from.

Block unwanted scenery

Sometimes, not all the views outside are ones your customers want to see. A spectacular view of a parking lot or the wall of the building across the alley may be the thing that stops them coming back. Use frosted film to block unwanted scenery so your customers aren’t constantly reminded of what’s on the other side of that plate of glass.
50% of customers will spend more money the longer they linger in a restaurant. So making your customers so comfortable they don’t want to leave will increase your bottom line. You can choose a window tint that suits the architecture of your restaurant and it’s much more affordable than replacing all the windows. ProTint can supply any type of window tint that you need to make your customers, and your staff, much happier in your restaurant.

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