Spectra Photosync

Spectra Photosync tint offers ultimate style, performance, and protection.

Spectra Photosync window tinting is the ultimate window film for vehicles. Spectra Photosync’s advanced solar adaptive nano coating adjusts based on the strength of the sun, offering more heat and glare protection through a darker shade on sunnier days. This type of film also has an Infrared Ray (IR) coating that rejects up to 98.5% of infrared rays.

Spectra film has over 30 years of window film creation experience, and Spectra Photosync is its first-rate film. While increasing total solar energy rejection by up to 79%, Photosync tint preserves light and clear visibility. After installation, the reduction of heat buildup from Photosync window film lessens the strain on your AC unit, reducing the amount of fuel needed to keep the AC unit running. This translates to better fuel economy, and saves you money at the gas pump.

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Transition Window Tint with Advanced Technology

Spectra Photosync is a transition window tint, meaning this incredible tint darkens when exposed to stronger solar rays, giving you better UV and glare protection when you need it most.

Solar Adaptive Nano Coating- Photosync window film is constructed with a Solar Adaptive Nano Coating. This layer of coating allows the film to adjust itself once certain wavelengths of the solar spectrum are exposed to the film. Transition window tint adjusts the films heat rejection properties to reflect the current solar exposure.

Infrared Rays (IR) Coating Integration- Photosync tint from Prestige films IR coating integration keeps you, your passengers, and your vehicle’s interior protected from damaging UV rays. Infrared Rays account for 53% of the solar spectrum, and Photosync tint rejects an impressive 98.5% of IR. Without the use of metal in its coating, Photosync tint allows for high IR protection without interfering with wireless transmission signals from GPS, cellphones, radio, and keyless entry systems.

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